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Domain Registration and Management

We register and manage web addresses so you can take the first step towards your internet marketing. We help you choose a name that optimally matches your business and register it on your behalf. You remain the owner of the website address and can change registration details at will. We can also transfer your domain name from your current registrar to our platform.

Ad Management

Explainer DC has an ad placement service. Get targeted traffic to your website with our affordable but effective banners and text links on premium advertising platforms like Yellow Pages Ghana. We provide statistics so you can determine how your ads are performing.

Bulk Email Service

Our bulk email service is a web-based service that manages your email marketing and communications. It’s a self-serve feature with branded banners to facilitate your email marketing. From a simple platform, you can organize and manage your campaigns, study audience responses and thus develop more effective communication with your prospective clients. Every mail is an opportunity for exposure so we help you to take advantage of it.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics brings to light hidden but useful trends in your online presence which helps you to improve customer experience, boost sales or correct potential problems. Our predictive analytics reports bring you strategic information about your website visitors and tell you what they are doing on your website. This piece of intelligence can help you predict their needs or difficulties and thus serve them better. Our reports are concise but comprehensive so you can make out action areas and provide products or services adapted to the peculiar needs of your customers or clients.

Content Management

We manage website content on behalf of clients. Our Team of content editors ensure that your website is up to date all the time so your visitors obtain the information they need in a timely manner. We can source our content or you can provide us with your own information. We have a team of dedicated content managers and html editors to ensure that content is proof read, well-organized and neatly presented on your website. Save time and effort with our professional content management service.

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